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torsdag 15. desember 2016

Have you ever wondered how artists get that full synth sound

I have many times wonder how artis like Yanni, jan Hammer, Jean Michel Jarre get that full sound.

Also i heard Kygo also used this way to make his sound.

After an interview with Yanni i now so the light .

Let us see this clip.

Yanni Master Class:

And he trick is to use many sound together. Or like yanni many synth in the same time.

I can not effort same synth collecton as Yanni.
But what can i do.
Well i can use Kontakt 5. And there we can use mulit instument.

How do we do that?

Mulit instrument is when you load  man NKI at the same time,but if you do normally.Then you only get 1 sound.

The reason is when you load first instument and the second instruemt then you getit like this.

See Midi Ch 1 then Midi ch 2.

If you do like this only 1 instrumet play when you hit the keyboard.

So what to do?

By change all Midi Ch to same channel, In here all is Midi ch 1.
Then we have done same as Yanni. And we get a much better sound.

Also i save my presets for later.

So go up

Files - Save Multi as, and name you new sound.

When you wnt to use it just make your own folder for your preset

And then when you wan to use just go load  Files - Load and find your preset.

Hope that help.

mandag 7. november 2016

Big Manual to be classic smooth

I have many times wonder how the h... did this guy end upwith that woman?

And have you ever go to some websites where men put out their profil.
I can only say one thing, OHHHH  my GOD.

What are you thinking when you not fix your hair and put on a nice shirt when you put you picture out on the web.

I am an ok guy. But i will share my view on how to find woman.

First study some of tips in this web site:

I am not a young man. But when i smooth up and cut my hair an where nice clothes i can get a woman half my age and that is without trying.

I even had girls half my age come up to me while my wife is standing next to me.And ask me out.

Of course that is a bomb hehe. And here is also a way to smooth tell that woman "I am sorry but i am married with this lovely woman next to me".

Always use nice words is key nr 1.

Second never "be to much". That is talking to much or over do eating on a date.

If you are throwing in food on a date then she might see you how you really are. And how will you look after a while,

If you are hungry before a date. Take some food at home.And eat a light meal with your date.

If you use a website.
Use a nice photo where you dress nice. Dark Color on a shirt work best.

Choose color that you feel really good in. I like to use purple or dark blue.Dark gray.

If you choose a tie then not to much color.

IF you date an asian girl,know this! Never go unshaved 

Asian woman really hate face hair

And read this 10 steps



Movie of the day



Payback (1999)

Get The Gringo (2012)

Braveheart 1995

  I did not put any of these movies out.They are open on the web.

How To Enable Legacy Pattern Blocks In FL Studio


What i wonder aboutis it possible to use and templetes from fl studio 11 into fl studio 12.

The templetes is stored here

C:\Program Files (x86)\Image-Line\FL Studio 11\Data\Projects\Templates

The reason is i want to have pattern block in fl studio 12.

The biggest reason for me to not upgaded to fl studio 12, is that there is no pattern mode in 12.

And why this was changed in Fl studio  is a mystery.I  like the look of flstudio 12 . But if there is no choice of pattern block i will never upgrade to fl studio 12.

One of the best sound designers i know - Synthofsynth Sound Design

Check out his youtube chanel

Synth1 Vst - How to change color

Synth1 is oe of the best vst that is out there. But like many others say t look really lame.

But i think the color i got on mine looked littlebit better then the original.

So how do you change color on Synth1.

Go here

Then go here

Then you need the code for the color. Use this link under:


Then copy the code and past it into A) Panel   B) Text, of course not same color hehe.

And that is it.

How to install new presets in synth1 



torsdag 20. oktober 2016

Free kontakt packs

Sensual Saxo

Password is some problem with but i got it to work with:
password: andreshernandez

Free Sample Pack (Indian Kontakt Instruments ) - Crypto Cipher 


Free Kontakt Library - Feroyns Flute 

Free Kontakt Library - The Stroh Violin - Impact Sound Works

  Download from here : https://impactsoundworks.com/product/...

Angel's Harp - Free Kontakt Library |TheProducerStore.com


$B Jingle Bells 2 (Kontakt Library) #FREE #XMAS 2015 / 2016

Hipster's bongos Free Kontakt Library 




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