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onsdag 25. februar 2015

Cool pc game pad

Pc stand with fan of bamboo tree runing on 12 V fan.

Yesterday i got really angry. Where i now am living it is really hot. Sometimes 35 degrees.

And i love to see tv from Norway. But the problem is that my pc get really hot.(See Tv over streaming) Even if i use air condition in the house.

I have bought pc stands like this, but they really suck.

These run on 5 Voltage and they might be used on the North pole. But for normal people this is really crap.

So i found out what i needed to do.

I bought this stand.

Bamboo wood stand. It had an big 5 V fan.

But i took that fan out. 

And used 5 fan that run on 12 V. And with its own power supply.

You find one stand on here. This is like a coffee table

And this is more like the one i bought.

Then i bought 5 fan that run on 12 V. And i bought a 220 V to 12 V power supply. Must be a power supply that has min 2 Amp or 3 Amp output. 

Then i connected the wire together with a connector list like this.

Then i modified the stand . And now this stand is making my pc work as normal.

The fan blow so hard that my hair got blown back .

I will put out picture later.But now my pc is cool down in the right way.
But just a ting that might be useful for your pc.

Wifi and network card speed problem.

I have a laptop where the network card is broken. So i use an USB network card.

And i found out something other people might need to know.

If your pc deliver to low voltage then the speed on your internet drop.

I use now an USB hub (USB 3) where the hub has its own power supply.And if i put the USB card into the laptop normal USB port, then the speed drops to half of what my network deliver.

From 15 Mb to sometimes 5 Mb.

I have been complaining about speed to my supplier for a long time.
And they measure the speed into my house to over 15 Mb. But today i found the problem.

If you use an hub or using the USB port on your laptop for external card. Then you might have this problem.

The download speed drops because of voltage problem.

After i upgraded to an USB 3 hub with its own power supply then my speed come to this.

Now it is many online so

If you have download speed problem and using external USB WiFi card. Then you might have this problem.

Solution is this:

Make sure that your external wifi card has enough voltage by using an USB hub with it own power supply.

onsdag 26. november 2014

Did you update your samsung Note and lose page buddy for S Note

Did you lose the page for S note on your Samsung Note after update.

Here is how you get this page back.

After update to newest software the page was gone. The really made me ..... off.

But today i find a way to get it back.

You need to install this:

When you have installed this app, you do this:

1. Start hidden settings. (App installed on your phone)
2. Go to page buddy, make sure S pen page is on.

3. Make sure your screen look like this.

4. And now you have S note back on your screen.

mandag 13. oktober 2014

My Jukebox plan

I wanted a jukebox that i could put on the wall. This should be a touch screen that look vintage.

My first drawing is this.

So here is my plan.

1. i want a sticker that move with the music.

2. The front is made of plastic glas, with engraving. My engraving see above.

See example here

I am so lucky yo have a deal that make these sign very close by. So i hope it not go to much money to make my front of the jukebox.


3, Software i plan to use is with an addon  hat is called ap_nostalgica_skin_for_5_3

 With this software you can remote control with your phone.

4. I plan to make a box that i put an 19 inch touch screen inside a case that i will make in wood.
It is possible to make a normal screen into an touch screen with this set.

Laptop USB Touch Screen DIY Monitor Kit Set

here is what i am thinking of using

a)How to complete set up USB touch screen kit

b)How to install touch screen kit overlay on a LCD monitor

The other solution is something like this:

How To Install: Notebook Add On Touch Screen Kit

But i still will see if i find a solution that is already done.

5. On the top i plan to use an radiator mascot from ebay. This i want to put in top of the jukebox.

Or something that is more cool then this.

6. I will use a laptop with a portable hard drive for the music collection. In this i will use Bluetooth to an creative speaker that is have.

Same as this one

The sound in this is amazing.

The project i hope not will cost to much. I just started this today. And i will update as i come along with the work.

I will re-use an laptop that i no longer us. It is older. And i have and 500 GB Maxtor external disk that i not use normally.
This will be my " CD storage "

If i go for the solution where i build and touch screen, i want to have low cost.
So i plan to buy a second hand LCD Monitor.

  • The front will have hole for the screen. I just show how i plan to do it.
  • Around the edge i will add LED light that change color
  • Radiator mascot will be screwed on to the top. 

1. 39,5 euro

You also get these skin to this software

2. Screen ? 50 dollar ?

3. Box for Screen ?
I plan to get this made professional.I might make it in teak wood or some similar to teak wood.

The jukebox might connect to my Bluetooth speaker, but i also have and nice little Bluetooth device. That i can connect any stereo to.

So i can also use my home stereo to the jukebox. (surround)

Here is some other that has done similar things, but mine will look as an real jukebox with working LED that follow the music.

Touchscreen jukebox running Albumplayer in a 1930 gramophone cabinet

AlbumPlayer - Custom Wurlitzer - Rock-ola Type Jukebox for Music TheFeboJukeBox

UPDATE 10.11.2014

Yes finally i found the screen i am going to use, it is an 22 inch LCD.

I am testing out the jukebox now.

I am running an App on my phone called RETUNE

Here is the link.

With this i controll my jukebox by my phone. I run it on a samsung Galaxy Note 3. And it is sweeeeeeet.

Also now i will order this set. Touch kit set

So what do i use.

I use a laptop, and 500 GB Maxtor external disk. Then i have this harddrive packed with mp3.

My next step is to install the touch screen on to my LCD

Here is how i plan to do it.

Installere touch screen on to an LCD.

Also Albumplayer (The software ) is ready to use for touch screen.

You see here the skin is ready to use touch.

My Screen is like this

Screen                          42 dollar
Software                       39,5 dollar
Touch kit                       120 dollar
                                     197 dollar so far

Retune (APP) Free
Laptop , not in use free
External hard drive , not in use free

But i am going to make a case to keep screen inside. And i need to make it look like a jukebox.

See screenshot from my phone. When i controll my jukebox. Music News