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tirsdag 30. september 2014

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I am testing out a gps tracker TK102B - Writing on this now . But let my readers see what i work on

This unit has a magnetic side so it is easy to put it into a car.


I just bought a gps tracker. Price was 2000 baht in Thailand.But for that price a got a charger that i could connect the gps tracker to 12 V DC on the car.

And today i am starting to test this item out.

First i found out that this unit had a very small manual. So small that i was unable to read it.
So i have found a manual in pdf that i found very usefull. ( See above )
Other link see under.

I also found out that you will find a software that not come with the cd (Driver cd)

In this Youtube video i found some usefull links

Info from this video

Tracker Commands -

User Manual -

iPhone app: Gps Tracker TK -

Android App -

Nokia Symbian app - described here -

Track online with auto tracking, register at at:

Once sim card is inserted with an active sim card (make sure sim card has caller ID on).

Search i did to find some info

SMS Commands

1. Password reset
The password is important, because every command you sent to the tracker need to follow with the password. The default password is "123456", and you may want to change it once you ready to use, to change the password send a message include "password+old password new password" to the tracker.

For example "password123456 567890" will change your password from "123456" into "567890". Note: password must be 6 digits long.

2. Authorization
You can authorize 5 different number on the allow list, so they can command the tracker.

There is two way to authorize, one is calling, number, then this number will automatically became one authorized number.
The most convenient way, send a message in the format of "admin+password cell phone number" to the tracker.

Example: Send "admin123456 1234567" will authorize 1234567 on the allow list.
To remove a number from the allow list then send sms in the format of "noadmin+password cell phone number".

Example: Send "noadmin123456 1234567" will exclude the number 1234567 from the allow

Install sim card

I had to use a sim converter like this, because i had a micro sim. And i got really confused how to install the micro sim into this unit.

Setup the unit
Send “begin+password”

I got really confused about the sim so my unit returned many sms when i first got it started.

- When you install the sim right the light on the side will start to flash.(Here indicator for signal)

You set it up by writing an sms to you phonenumber on the gps unit.
Let say you phone number on the sim you put inside your gps tracker is 233456678

  • then you send an sms to Gps Tracker (phone number 233456678)
  • Then send an sms - begin12345678 then send this sms to your gps tracker phone number, in this case 233456678.
  • The gps tracker will then send an sms back to your phone - begin ok
If there is something wrong then SMS “begin fail” is received, check out the format of commands sent and password as well.

Then it is time to make you admin of your gps tracker

  • Send SMS admin+password+space+cell phone number to set up a authorized number
  • admin12345678 233456678 ( Here is the sms in this case)
  • GPS tracker send back sms - admin ok .

If you not want to have any admin password
  • Send SMS noadmin+password+space+authorized number to delete the authorized
As i turned on my gps tracker and installed the software here -
Android App -

Then my gps tracker started to work. I tracked my location . And it worked out great.

But i am going to test this unit out more and tell you all readers how this worked.

When i want to track i just call my phone number on this GPS Tracker.

What happen is that you get an sms from GPS Tracker, You press on the link and Goggle Map or this software i tell about here. Will start up.

And you are tracking your Car.
Great !

How to track with this software.

Video 1

Video 2  (German)

Video 3 (Russian)

And as an apple fan for many years i have no changed side.

I had a great deal on an Samsung Note 2 and this phone and the new Samsung Note 3 really kick ass.
I have my iphones, but this phone is amazing.

Why did  i change phone . Well update on iphone got to be a real nightmare. And i just had enough.

And as iphone 6 problem started i am so happy i did not buy this.
I will recommend Samsung note because of this:

- Battery 3200 mAh
- Pen that you can make note on your phone easy.
- Use to window in one screen same time
- more freeware on playstore then on apple store or itunes.
- SD card for storage on your phone. Change up to 64 GB very easy.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Unboxing & Review

Galaxy Note 3 Bend Test 

How will the Note 3 hold up compared to the iPhone 6 Plus in a similar bend test?

Does the iPhone 6 Plus Bend with a Case?


mandag 22. september 2014

How to move your torrent files

Did you ever have torrent files that you never got done or you had installed Utorrent on C: and wanted to move the torrent files to a new harddrive.

In some cases, you might find that you need to move your files, be it due to simple reorganization, possibly to reinstall Windows, or maybe even to move
BitTorrent and all the torrent jobs along with their contents to a new computer. In any case, the process is simple, though it can turn out to be a lengthy one.
Realize that along the way, you might lose your accumulated statistics for each torrent job, but that does not mean you lose the statistics on the associated
trackers, so do not fret about that.

Today i show you how to move torrent files.

Tools you will need:

BEncode Editor

Go here on this website
When you use this software it looks like this

You also need to know this
 All our download are located at
go start
put this line inside search

 click on folder utorrent
 You come to here on your pc
And in here your earlier torrent files are stored. So if you think the original torrent file is gone, no it is just store here.
 But we need to change where files are being stored.

I want here to store at 
But before i used 
 But because i have a new portable harddrive on 2 TB i want to store in there.


a) Shut down μTorrent (to stop all connections).

B) Start BEncode Editor        Go to fil - open 
 look after
 RESUME.DAT under filename

scroll down in this window

when you find


click on it

Now you get this window up

I already changed to

so now you see my downloads

But you need to change the path that is in your torrent fil to make them work.
I use a picture from another web site from now on.

Click on you torrent here El Topo
And here is where all magic happen.

See the path
c:\utorrent\El Topo

We need to change this to in my case

So here is what you do.
c) - Go to edit and replace

And you get next window up.

 Do same as this window show

For our example, all of the torrents that originated with the C:\uTorrent\ path are now represented by new path - G:\uTorrent. 
Exit BEncode
d) and be sure to save the new changes to the resume.dat file. 
F) Restart μTorrent, and your torrents should now be seeding from the new drive
Don’t forget, if you copy/pasted the resume.dat file to a different location prior to editing it in BEncode, you’ll need to overwrite it over the old file
in your %appdata%\uTorrent directory (before restarting μTorrent).

Hope this post was useful.
Have a great day.

fredag 20. juni 2014

My music video 2

Crosley - Sea Life 

My second video but sound is not right in this video. 


onsdag 18. juni 2014

TinyUmbrella fails to launch - SOLUTION

For a very long time i had problem with getting TinyUmbrella to launch.

What happen was that i click on TinyUmbrella and it look like is was starting but then it just showed:

"Verifying libraries..." and "retucilating splines..." are not error messages and then closed

 what happen is same as in this video

I got very annoyed on this and there was many bad words flying through the air.

Today i found a solution that i had to credit to this page

It seems that if you had installed TinyUmbrella on your pc before and then changed the pathway for Shsh blobs.

Then Tinyumbrella will not start again.

THE SOLUTION (is simple):

1. Open the Registry editor - click START and type "regedit" and press enter. (In Windows XP press START, click on "Run", type "regedit" and press enter)

2. Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\com\semaphore

3. Double click on "/S/A/V/E_/D/I/R/E/C/T/O/R/Y" and enter the path to your SHSH files or if you don't know it - delete the entry.

4. That's it, the TinyUmbrella will now launch!!!:)

This worked for me after a really long time . So i just wanted to spread the news to other too.
By the way all people that said update java, and all other solution that does not work at all.

This is the only thing that really work.

How to Save your SHSH Blobs with TinyUmbrella

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